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Maintenance Schedule & Costs

All new equipment supplied by SCL SECURITY SYSTEMS will be comprehensively covered under OEM terms and condition for one year from the date of supply to include all parts.
New full installations will include three months on site maintenance. If onsite maintenance is required after the first three months, or if you are a new maintenance client of SCL SECURITY SYSTEMS, annual maintenance cover will be available, payable monthly by standing order.

The rates listed are subject to an initial inspection to ensure that the equipment is in adequate condition and that we are prepared to take on the contract. If work is required to achieve this it will be arranged at an additional cost in advance of either our Comprehensive or Non Comprehensive AMC.

Maintenance is designed to cover mechanical breakdown not natural wear and tear, the effects for power surge, accidental, storm or flood damage, willful neglect and vandalism are excluded from maintenance cover.

Service Features Comprehensive / Non Comprehensive AMC
Breakdown (BD) Response Time (RT) Within 2-4 Hours (Maximum Time)
Service Hours 24 Hours
Number of Days 365 Days
Breakdown Turn Around Time (TAT) Within 8 Hours (Maximum Time)
Parts Coverage All Spare Parts covered under comprehensive scheme only except for wires and pipes.
Parts Excluded All parts in NON Comprehensive Scheme
Corrective Calls Limit Unlimited
Preventive Care (PM) Quarterly once (Customer will intimate the PM schedule to our Help Desk numbers or email IDs 2-3 days in advance). All PM/BD calls will be sent to customer care email IDs – support@sclsecuritysystems.com
Standby Support Available Equivalent or adequate standby Support
De-installation & Re-installation during AMC period NOT PART OF COMPREHENSIVE PERIOD.