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Structured Cabling Solutions

There’s a strategy to connecting people to their devices and the outside world. Whether it’s a data center, office building or hospital, installing a reliable telecommunications infrastructure is critical for any business. Even though structured cabling is hidden behind a wall, there is no excuse for neglecting industry standards and best-practice solutions that prepare your facility for the needs of today and tomorrow.
Structured cabling systems support functionality of communications systems, such as phone services, data transmission and the company server. Without properly designed and installed structured cabling infrastructure, the critical systems your business uses every day could be at risk. Fortunately, when you use SCL ’s structured cabling services, you can be confident in the consistent functionality of your communications systems.

Insights and Clarity
We believe an optimal facility starts with an educated, empowered client. SCL ’s network systems and data communications analysts take the initiative to walk each of our clients through structured cabling standards, best practices and why they work. We’ll collaborate to provide our expert advice on details such as the optimal number of outlets per workstation, backbone fiber strand count and server room layout strategy.

Quality Expansion
Rest assured our low-voltage installation technicians are some of the brightest in the industry and are equipped with sophisticated test equipment that improves quality and reliability every step of the way.
SCL takes great pride in meeting structured cabling standards, while leaving room for growth. A crucial factor in that delivery is the ability to prepare your facility for the needs of the future. Our structured cabling solutions have the perspective, projection and planning to enable future expansions within your system. As your business grows, your facility will be right there with you and ready for the road ahead.

Consistency Is Crucial
Using SCL ’s structured cabling services means the same heads planning your system will guide the hands that install it. There’s no need to hire multiple structured cabling contractors and risk misguided interpretations of your plans.
SCL ensures your network cabling infrastructure won’t fail you in the years to come.

Wireless Network Infrastructure Design:

SCL brings a high level of knowledge and experience to each wireless network design project, permitting us to offer our clients flexible, fast and proactive solutions to the toughest challenges. Our customers continue to look to SCL for their wireless networking solutions because we provide a menu of services customized to meet each customer’s logistic and financial needs. In enterprise wireless infrastructure design, we provide cost savings for many of our clients by value engineering their projects.

Location-Specific Solutions
SCL can determine if wireless networking solutions are a viable option for the proposed location and installation requirements by first conducting an on-site installation survey. To ensure the facility will have complete coverage, we perform a thorough site inspection to determine the correct number of access points. Too few access points is a common cause of poor system performance, and too many is not cost-effective for the customer. We then hold a comprehensive requirements review with the client to ensure all design and performance criteria are understood in advance of wireless network setup.
An on-site survey conducted by SCL can also provide troubleshooting for problems with existing enterprise wireless networks. Common problems include a lack of communication between mobile units and access points, or areas where the wireless signals fail to work. By conducting our on-site survey, SCL can identify these factors and recommend improvements in wireless network performance.
Whatever your wireless network design needs, SCL provides best in class installation services for wireless devices and supporting infrastructure. We develop and implement solutions that promise to exceed your expectations, from inception to completion and beyond.

Data Center Network Design Services
By selecting SCL as your data center design-build contractor, you’ll establish a single point of contact for both the strategy and installation of your project’s structured cabling and special systems. Our team of BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) has successfully completed the design of projects ranging from small tenant-improvement projects to state-of-the-art, mission-critical data centers. As your design-build partner, we will be able to offer you several cost-saving advantages for ongoing data center infrastructure management.
By allowing construction to begin while the data center design is being finalized, the design-build process shortens the duration of your project, which translates into earlier utilization of your facility.
During the network infrastructure design process, SCL ’s data center designers will be in constant communication with your team to review the progress and the revised guaranteed maximum price (GMP). As potential changes are proposed, the corresponding additive or deductive revision to the GMP can be evaluated up front, allowing you to determine the impact of the potential change and begin the process of value engineering to offset the cost of requested scope changes. Our experience in value engineering allows us to ensure the project meets your budget, without sacrificing performance or quality.

Pre-Construction Services
SCL is uniquely qualified to serve as your data center design-build contractor. Our primary objective is to protect the interests of your organization and the integrity of your structured cabling and wireless network infrastructure design.
After selecting SCL as your design-build contractor, our team of data center designers will immediately set into motion the requisite preconstruction services for your project. We will prepare a summary project schedule with major milestones for design deliverables and completion. Then we will recommend equipment and material specifications that are appropriate for your specific project. After determining these specifications, SCL will begin negotiations with manufacturers to establish discounted pricing for your components.
For fast-track projects, SCL ensures all materials are entered into the manufacturers’ production sequences for on-time delivery to your project. Any items with lead times in excess of project requirements will be identified early enough to make appropriate substitutions. We will coordinate with other specialty trades to ensure there are no scope omissions or overlaps. If omissions occur, SCL will recommend the appropriate subcontractor to perform the scope of work.